Why Choose Us As Your Portland Chiropractor?

Our goal is to provide unparalleled service to ensure the highest quality of medical care. We understand that finding the right chiropractic to suit your unique individual needs can be difficult, which is why Portland Chiropractic Specialists provides concierge-style chiropractic services at affordable rates.

During your appointment, you can expect VIP service; every patient deserves full and undivided attention from his or her physician. We only schedule one patient at a time to ensure you are our doctor’s only focus. At our practice, you can forget about being left alone in the treatment room while the doctor is occupied with another patient. Additionally, we won’t make you wait; our schedule is blocked off for you and you alone. We value your time and strive to give you a personal, attentive, and an individualized experience.

At Portland Chiropractic Specialists, Dr. Han personally provides all treatments and therapies himself to ensure the quality of care you deserve. Our office is fully stocked with brand new therapy equipment to go above and beyond traditional chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Han will put your needs above all else; we are a small practice with minimal staffing, and your health is our primary concern.

What Makes Our Services Different?

Many people fear chiropractic adjustments, which is why we utilize state-of-the-art devices aimed at giving our patients a gentle, yet effective, experience. Depending on your individual needs, either the Activator or ArthroStim will be used. Both of these devices deliver adjustments to the spine without the need to twist your back or neck while still achieving the same therapeutic effects or traditional chiropractic care.

Additionally, Dr. Han is a muscle and soft tissue specialist. One of the most common cause of pain is muscle tightness or spasms. Dr. Han is a certified provider of Active Release Technique, one of the most effective therapies to reduce muscle tension. We have gadgets such as Hypervolt and Theragun to help loosen muscles. These devices are utilized by athletes around the world. Additionally, we have Myofascial Releaser tools to reduce muscle adhesions and improve circulation to muscles in order to speed recovery time.

Dr. Han combines the benefits of two most commonly used therapies for pain and soft tissue injuries: therapeutic ultrasound and electric muscle stimulation. Ultrasound distributes deep heat to muscles and soft tissues to increase circulation and tissue extensibility while breaking apart scar tissue. On the other hand, electric muscle stimulation takes advantage of the muscle’s tendency to react to very low electrical current running through the muscles. This current helps to reduce muscle tightness and spasms.

For more information on our unique office, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (503) 334-7943!